Sketch - Young Elk

Sanguine oil pencil sketch of a young elk amidst vegetation.

Look at that vegetation. It's like a coral reef, except on land.

Sanguine oil pencil is my favorite warm-up medium—as well as something I can use on days when I'm too sick to do anything else, but am a bit well enough to do a little art.

In particular, I prefer a chunky 5.6mm sanguine oil charcoal lead in a cheap yet surprisingly comfortable wooden holder.

I'm starting to add dates alongside my signature these days.

For the curious, my signature is four Chinese characters plus my three English name initials (AAJ). The first two characters mean "red-brown", which is a description of the color of sinopia, a red-brown ochre pigment traditionally used as under sketches for frescoes and oil paintings. The last two characters together mean "dinosaur", literally translated as "fearsome dragon".

The dates going forwards are going to be written Japanese-style, e.g. "yearmonthday 日", because any reason to practice kanji is a good reason.