Painting - Magic Shop Storefront

Watercolor painting of a small town magic shop that might exist in a world where magic is real and mainstream

Watercolors, pen, and pencil, from November 2018.

This started from a photograph of a shop, but I decided to alter quite a few details. I started and finished this ink, colored pencil, and watercolor painting around Halloween, so my thoughts were on quaint settings set in a world where magic is quite real—and commoditized.

I didn't feel like, say, sketching an industrial factory pumping out magical goods, and focused instead on imagining and rendering a small shop of hand-crafted magical items. I've fond memories of small town main streets; I'm definitely not a fan of cities.

(During my early twenties I was fascinated by malls, but as I've grown older the din of those places has become far less pleasing.)