Sketch - Cat Looking Behind

A cat looking behind

And a cat that started from a hastily sketched bean shape. I find that beans can easily become certain animals or torsos for human figures; it’s a great drawing/doodling exercise. We can imagine the volume of a bean, and that develops the form of the subject.

Sketch - Memory of a Parking Lot Bridge in Seattle

Dream tunnel half-remembered

I started this sketch from a single arc and roof shape with a perspective curving the tunnel into the distance. After that I added some dreamlike elements all around it based on nighttime Seattle memories, with physical space not quite matching up (especially inside the tunnel, which curves in the opposite direction from outside the tunnel).

Painting - Flamingo Gazing into Aeons Past


This is an artist trading card sized (3.5" x 2.5") watercolor painting. I was developing my own style, though I wasn't completely aware of this at the time—I desired trying a certain textured effect, and achieved it. I try for whimsy in much of my artwork, and though this is usually more subtle, here the whimsy is explicit. The memory of ancient forests and animals is literally on the mind of this particular flamingo.