Tuesday, August 22, 2017

What Not to Do on an Artist Statement

When I visit an artist's site and look at their artist statement, and 80% of it is attacking other artists for not being as profound or thoughtful as that artist, says that their art will never be mistaken for trash, and then claims that their astonishingly rebellious realist art will leave them dying alone...

... I really don't care if you go through my Instagram archive and like my recent posts. Because I'm one of those other artists you're attacking. Because every artist I know, even the ones I don't like very much, are part of the group you're attacking.

I'm no more a realist than old Chinese artists, C├ęzanne, or Van Gogh were; yet you feel perfectly free to dunk on them. In your artist statement. That you actually put on your website. For other people to read.

Yeah, I really don't need you around, and that's why I blocked you on Instagram.

Yes, you sold hundreds of paintings and have hundreds of followers and so on. I literally do not care about that. I do care about whether you have anything of an open mind, and it turns out—you don't!

And no, you don't actually paint well enough that I would put up with knowing just how very little you respect other artists.

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