Monday, August 28, 2017

Two Months without High-Interaction Social Media (and Other Distractions)

I started this blog after departing a lot of HI (high-interaction, a term I just made up as far as I know) social media—a move not recommended by a lot of artists, business coaches, art business advisers, etc.

I'm early on in my career, and I need to concentrate on seriously building up my portfolio. During this time I've found it extremely useful to not be on social media at all, where I often end up spending all my precious few healthy-ish hours. Instagram thus far is safe for me because I just use it as inspiration for less than an hour every few days, and I use Pinterest even less.

But Twitter, Mastodon, Facebook, anything involving forums, comment threads anywhere—those all get in my way. I explicitly block these sites on my browser and my smart phone, and I use various browser extensions to remove comment areas from most sites, with the highest priority being YouTube. I can override that extension from time to time, but life has been so much better since installing it that I rarely do so.

Lately I also block news sites. I use an emergency notification app on my phone, and filter my ACLU messages into a separate folder, so I don't rely on Twitter trends or news sites to find out what's going on, and I can set aside a healthy time to engage with recent news.

I've even ended up blocking google search in favor of Duck Duck Go, because I found out there's no easy way to remove recent news and twitter results from all of my google searches.

Every day I meditate for about 3 minutes.

Life has been much, much better ever since.

So yeah—no regrets, and interaction with other artists, if it happens at all, happens only on my own terms.

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