Sunday, August 20, 2017

There Are No Magic Art Tutors

I often jokingly tell fellow art students that I go to the art school of hard knocks, where my tough-as-nails tutor does things like not allowing me to advance to watercolors until I'd created actual art with my chosen first medium (watercolor brush markers, sigh, I was so unwise), and then not allowing me to add more than just a single blue to my palette box until I could do a successful complex value study.

And after seeing how quickly I improve, people want to know how to contact my magical art tutor. I don't let them, though. I only have this tutor because I somehow proved myself to them that I had the will to learn. A strong, strong will to learn. Like, a will made out of the cores of neutron stars.

Plus my tutor's style would rub (and has rubbed) many students the wrong way.

The truth is, no tutor can ever force you to do something. You can only choose to follow your tutor's suggestions. The same applies for teachers in art schools, or art course curriculums.

There's not a tutor or art school good enough to get you to artistic heights if you don't do the work.

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