Thursday, August 3, 2017

State of the Artist: August 3rd 2017

Some days are harder to art than other days.

There is a 4500 square foot fire burning in British Columbia, north of here, and the air is pushing the horrific smoke down to dangerous levels. I have asthma and this is not helping. My artist friend and tutor pushed me to get a HEPA+ filter thing and so I have, and it is making life better.

Conditions are hot and dry, which means wildfires nearby are a distinct possibility. My watercolors dry in half the time they usually do, but this isn't great.

Have been working on doing some neat stuff involving watercolors on top of washed backgrounds. Interesting piece combining inks, watercolor, and gouache with this method coming up somewhat soon on this blog—the return of duck gourd.

(Seriously I will never tire of duck gourd.)

Also unfortunate is that I'm parched and my watercolor methods drink lots of water. I cannot afford with my disabilities and illness to keep walking to the filtered water source and dragging water back. So I've bought some colored pencils (a 18 pack of Pablos) to give me a chance to do dry colored art.

I've been leaning more and more towards mixed media: watercolor, gouache, inks, watercolor pencils, and probably regular colored pencils all mixed together. But understanding each on their own is vital before creating the whole.

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