Saturday, August 19, 2017

State of the Artist: August 19, 2017

Exhausted from events yesterday.

On the upside, my tutor and I discussed various directions for me to head towards, and so I have a few challenges to knock through.

One challenge is to use a Valquez-style palette. In my case, that's phthalo blue red shade (PB15), yellow ochre (PY43), and permanent brown (PBr25).

Color explorations between phthalo blue red shade, yellow ochre, and permanent brown.

All of these are colors I've found useful and love, but none are colors that are favorites among most watercolor artists.

They're among my favorites, though. I'm amused that this and my first palettes are created out of bargain-bin artist grade watercolors that nobody else seemed to want.

A tree, forest, and owl creatures in phthalo blue red shade and yellow ochre.

Sugar packet holder and creamer in phthalo blue red shade and permanent brown.

I remember falling in love with James Gurney's limited "Casein 6-Pack" palette: black, white, cobalt blue, venetian red, yellow ochre, and raw umber.

To me it's fairly clear that now, about a year later, I have my own palette of "the color of old memories" to play with.

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