Sunday, August 13, 2017

State of the Artist: August 13, 2017

Imaginary bird sketch to figure out how to portray black bird feathers that aren't actually black. The Pablo color pencils are wonderful but a bit harder than I want to use on top of watercolors at times, so it looks like Luminance might be in my near future. The paper is from the Pentalic Field Book, a cold press, internally/externally sized, cellulose watercolor paper.

I'm exhausted by the recent news and I feel like my heart is broken inside.

At least today I'm not interested in buying all the art supplies in an attempt to feel better (always dangerous for me to do, that's why my tutor is not just my art budget buddy but my in-general budget buddy).

Today and tomorrow are quiet days for me. No art, apart from coloring books. And maybe not coloring books, maybe board games. In any case, definitely going to be doing some RPG sessions. My lil' group all kind of need that connection right now.

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