Saturday, August 12, 2017

State of the Artist: August 12, 2017

I'm in so much pain that I need to rest a bit on the art front. Fortunately I have a week's worth of posts queued up.

I wish this pain were purely of the physical pain type, but let's just say that what's in the national news right now is terrible and I want to disappear so badly into a rabbit hole for a while.

Were I on social media, this would be much worse for me. Social media has a way of magnifying painful news and putting it on a frantic, unending repeat.

So I'll be happy about that for now, and increase my meditation sessions as I can (meditation is doubly hard when in pain, which ironically is when one needs it the most).

Maybe I'll play farming board games. Otherwise my brain is going to wander into an online art store and end up buying art supplies to cope with my terror of the future.

Fields of Arle is my favorite farming game.

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