Friday, August 18, 2017

Making "Protection from Fate's Seas", Part 3

After the no-tan sketch was done, I used the sketch to base my larger watercolor pencil piece on—though not too large because, again, health issues. I intended this to be a quick value study, and it was! Surprisingly so as this was the first time I'd used watercolor pencils to do serious art of any kind.

These are Caran d'Ache Fancolor pencils, black and gray from the 12-piece set, on Strathmore 140 cold press (Visual Journal). They melt so well, although not entirely, as you can see the texture on the rocks and waves below:

It's an interesting effect and charmed me towards watercolor pencils even more.

I intended to go on to a duotone palette watercolor piece featuring a warm earth (burnt sienna) and a cold (phthalo blue red shade), and only those two colors. However, I got very ill and couldn't continue.

I still really like the way the watercolor pencil study turned out, though.

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